Huasheng insists on taking technology research and development as the first driving force to lead th

Huasheng insists on taking technology research and development as the first driving force to lead the development of the enterprise, with the company's technology development as the guide, positioning at the forefront of technical language and exploration of tires, and striving to build a technological enterprise.

The Group's R & D center regards "loyalty, responsibility, innovation" as its work aspect, and "becomes a domestic technology leader in the tire industry" as its vision. In order to understand user needs in depth, grasp cutting-edge technology, and form a global R & D system, the entire process development system from market research, product planning, formula R & D, structural design to product verification testing has the independent R & D capability of a full range of products.

     The Group's R & D center also enhances its research and development capabilities through independent innovation, integrated innovation, and absorption innovation; through innovations in governance structure, organizational form, management mode, operating mechanism, cultural construction, etc., it improves its operation level; A virtuous circle, and gradually build into an industry research and development and service base with first-class engineering, industrialization level, first-class engineering and technical personnel, first-class engineering experimental conditions, first-class management and operation level.

The company participated in the revision of 1 industry standard in the Dongying region, and issued it for implementation; participated in the revision of 3 international standards, all of which have been finalized, and at the same time the company became a member unit of the national standard expert working group;

 At present, more than 200 invention, utility model and design patents have been approved!

Huasheng R & D Center has a professional tire formulation laboratory. The laboratory has passed: CNAS, TUV, IDIADA, ISO9000, DOT, ECE, INMETRO, SONCAP and other certifications. It has high authority in the industry.